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The Money Machine by Butch Hamilton-The Wildcat SEO Master!

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Butch Hamilton-The Wildcat SEO Master!

The New Revolution!

Make Money Online-Consistency In Marketing

How to Make Money Online

Consistency Pays Off!

Creating a positive flow of information on the web on a daily basis is mandatory for those wishing to make money online from a home based business entity. The consistent effort of adding great, original, thought provoking, readable and understandable content for the readers on the web to find, and hopefully react to is something that most find a perplexing, and often frustrating issue. To build a viable, long lasting and sustainable make money online business, content will always be the deciding factor on the results that you will have. The originality, the conscientiousness of it, the readability and the interest that others have in reading that content will decide whether success or failure will be had.

Experienced marketers know that benefit and solution marketing are the keys to gaining new customers for their products and services. People do NOT join businesses. People join other people. If you are just pitching a new deal every few weeks, trying to convince, coerce and sell something to someone, you will find that your popularity will dwindle very quickly in being able to make sustainable income from a make money online concern.

Butch Hamilton explains in more detail in the podcast listed below.

The New Revolution!

How to Make Money

How to Make Money

Make Money Online!

The age old adage of “how to make money online!” Worn out? Over used? Worthless? Hardly! Indeed, it is quite possible to make money online using tried and true methods and systems that are designed to assist you each and every step of the way. There can be no doubt that if you are a seasoned veteran online, or if you are just beginning your Internet journey, there are proven techniques, strategies and methods that you must follow in order to succeed. Most who enter the hallowed halls of Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu, Yandex, DuckDuckGo, or more commonly called the world wide web, will never succeed with anything that they strive to accomplish. Why is this? Why the tremendous attrition on the web for people struggling and straining to #make #money #online?

After vast experiences of pain, suffering and overwhelming success online since late 2003, and going through all of the phases of discontent, uncertainty, frustration, anxiety and lack of knowledge, I have seen all of the major MLM and network marketing business models come and go. Watching, observing, taking good notes and becoming quite aware of the ebb and flow of Google, it has been my experience over the years that most fail because of the following reasons.

  1. Lack of Knowledge About the World Wide Web
  2. Websites that Never are Seen on Google
  3. Doing the Same Things that Everyone Else is Doing
  4. Lack of Consistency in Marketing Online
  5. Lack of Persistence and Dogged Determination

It is a fact online that most websites produced will never be seen by anyone. This means one thing. NO TRAFFIC=NO SALES! No matter how good the product, service or worthwhile information that you have access to, if no one sees it, then what are the chances that a sale will be made? NONE! In order to provide the readers on the web who are constantly searching for information on topics of interest, one must move away from their “bait and pitch style of doing business, and actually begin providing good information, relevant information, benefits and solutions and systems that actually do work, in order to gain confidence and presence for the thing that is being promoted. Without this type of action and motivation, the chances of making sales online is practically ZERO!

Moving away from the marketing herd on the net is vital as well. Everyone does the same thing differently. It is called the chaos theory, and it simply is another way of talking about failure. If everyone is jumping off a cliff does that mean that you must follow them? NO! Niche marketing, finding the little known, but highly effective marketing areas online is vital in today’s cut and paste society. Move away from the same old thinking and herding as they are not being successful! Move into new areas of success, knowledge, power and systems that actually work, and become successful for a change!

And Now, the Secret!

#How to #Make #Money!!!

Butch Hamilton-The Wildcat SEO Master!

The New Revolution!