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  1. Included in the website course:

    You will receive one lesson each day, but you
    need to read this first to prepare for the course
    and decide which parts will help you the most.

    When you receive each email, save them on your
    hard drive because you will need them later.

    (For those who don’t know – do this by right
    clicking with your mouse, click “select all”,
    click “copy”, then open Notepad or Wordpad or a
    similar program and click “paste.” Do this for
    each of the 8 emails.)

    AdlandPro WSC – Introduction.
    AdlandPro WSC part 1 – Your product and affiliate program!
    AdlandPro WSC part 2 – Automating your work!
    AdlandPro WSC part 3 – Domain names, hosting and e-commerce!
    AdlandPro WSC part 4 – Design!
    AdlandPro WSC part 5 – Promotion!
    AdlandPro WSC part 6 – Power of Affiliate Marketing
    AdlandPro WSC part 7 – Increase Your Potential

    Save them in their own folder!

    Visit the Store @ http://www.adlandpro.com/store/Wildcat-SEO-Service.aspx#.WsWZTS7wbb0

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