What Is an ICO?

An initial coin offering (ICO) or initial currency offering, a type of crowdfunding using cryptocurrencies, is a means of raising capital that has been prone to scams and securities law violations.[1][2][3][4] An ICO can be a source of capital for startup companies.[5] In an ICO, a quantity of the crowdfunded cryptocurrency is sold to investors in the form of “tokens”, in exchange for legal tender or other cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin or ethereum. These tokens are promoted as future functional units of currency if or when the ICO’s funding goal is met and the project launches.

ICOs provide a means by which startups avoid costs of regulatory compliance and intermediaries, such as venture capitalists, bank and stock exchanges,[6] while increasing risk for investors. ICOs may fall outside existing regulations[7][8] depending on the nature of the project, or are banned altogether in some jurisdictions, such as China and South Korea.

Almost half of ICOs sold in 2017 failed by February 2018.[9]

This relatively new form of currency is being seen by many as a viable alternative to the current monetary system that we have.  The aspect of creating new systems for some seem to be pleasing as it takes control away from the governement and places that control in the hands of the average man or woman.  This makes for a progressive arrangement as the ICO coins can be traded just as the stock market, to implement the best ROI for the end user.   This is appealing to the average man or woman as one does not necessarily have to lay down huge investments in order to be able to come into the ICO’s and buy, sell and trade coins.

The first token sale (also known as an ICO) was held by Mastercoin in July 2013. Ethereum raised money with a token sale in 2014, raising 3,700 BTC in its first 12 hours, equal to approximately $2.3 million at the time. An ICO was held by Karmacoin in April 2014 for its Karmashares project.

ICOs and token sales became popular in 2017. There were at least 18 websites tracking ICOs before mid-year.[10] In May, the ICO for a new web browser called Brave generated about $35 million in under 30 seconds.[11] Messaging app developer Kik‘s September 2017 ICO raised nearly $100 million. At the start of October 2017, ICO coin sales worth $2.3 billion had been conducted during the year, more than ten times as much as in all of 2016.[12][13][14][15] As of November 2017, there were around 50 offerings a month,[16] with the highest-grossing ICO as of January 2018, being Filecoin raising $257 million (and $200 million of that within the first hour of their token sale).[17]

Kik had previously issued $50 million in tokens called “Kin” to institutional investors, and sought to raise an additional $125 million from the public. In connection with this ICO, an unidentified third party executed a phishing scam by circulating a fake URL for the offering through social media.[18]

By the end of 2017, ICOs had raised almost 40 times as much capital as they had raised in 2016, although still amounting to less than two percent of the capital raised by IPOs. According to industry newsletter Cointelegraph, companies raised around $6 billion via ICOs in 2017; 37% of that amount was made by only 20 ICOs. Already by February, 2018, an estimated 46% of the 2017 ICOs had failed.[19]

ICOs are sometimes called “token sales“. Amy Wan, a crowdfunding and syndication lawyer, described the coin in an ICO as “a symbol of ownership interest in an enterprise—a digital stock certificate” stating that they are likely subject to regulation as securities in the U.S. under the Howey test.[20][21]

Ethereum is (as of February 2018) the leading blockchain platform for ICOs with more than 80% market share. Tokens are generally based on the Ethereum ERC20 standard. According to Cointelegraph the Ethereum network ICOs have resulted in considerable phishingPonzi schemes, and other scams, accounting for about 10% of ICOs.[22]

On January 30, 2018, Facebook banned advertisements for ICOs as well as for cryptocurrencies and binary options.[23][24] By April 9, 2018, ICO advertising has been banned not only by Facebook, but by TwitterGoogle, and MailChimp.[25]

There have been major criticisms over this type of money arrangement;  however, this could be due to the relevant newness of the ICO coin revolution.  This author considers this a viable alternative to the way that business is conducted today, and actually, the education and researching is quite entertaining and enlightening.  It is true that most people have no clue at all when we talk about alternative currency.   The old people do not know and could care less as they are usually stuck in their thinking about anything and everything and the young are busy with other less important things.  The New Revolution about to take place within this country, as well as around the world will soon be seen certainly as The New Revolution!

The New Revolution!

Modeling By Lena!

Modeling By Lena, the Quintessential Example of a Beautiful Russing Model in All Her Glory and Splendor!

Modeling by Lena

The perfect example of beauty, grace, style and sophistication would fall short of explaining the rare qualities of this amazing Russian model named Lena. With a passion for creating and enjoying beauty in the world, Lena has set herself apart by modeling for some of the world’s most renowned photographers. While maintaining a most humble and sweet heart, Lena is the quintessential example of what true modeling is all about. Making the world a better and more pleasing place to live for everyone who sees and comes in contact with Lena’s unique and captivating photographs.

The settings for Lena’s photographs can range from well known Russian landmarks, to the more outdoors and sporty appearances. Her range of modeling experience is endless and each and every moment of viewing Len’s unique photographs is something that everyone can enjoy. Showing the true beauty of art and modeling expressions, Lena sets the mood and enhances the emotions as she shows wonderful presence and poise within each and every photograph of the artists eye and mind and the beautiful end result of gratifying and pleasing substance within each and every picture.

Modeling by Lena is the site dedicated to beauty, sophistication and elegance all brought to the world by Lena


The art of modeling is an arduous process of patience, determination, poise under pressure and a never ending search for the perfect moment which can be captured for the world to view. Anyone who has ever stood still, ,and tried to pose for any length of time will know of the pain and suffering that can go right along with the most beautiful of the arts called modeling. Lena seems to take all of this in stride, and is more passionate than ever to create something beautiful for the entire world to see, enjoy and become part of the modeling experience right along with her.

Seeing in the mind’s eye first, the photographer must take great patience in working with the model to capture the perfect moment in time forever. Lena is the model that expresses the peace and stillness that is so required in the modeling industry. Her beautiful faces shines through in each and every photograph that is taken of her. Expressing serenity, peace and happiness is something that Lena is well known for in providing people with the beauty and simplicity that a most marvelous woman can bring to the world.

Can mere words express the total and complete profile of the wonderful model named Lena? One of the best ways is to come, indulge the senses and become part of the modeling experience by viewing the photographs of Lena which are currently on sale. To own a single momentous photograph of Lena cannot be expressed with mere words. These photographs of this special, provocative and stimulating Russian beauty will someday be seen as some of the most beautiful modeling art in the world.

Hence, this special website dedicated to Lena will be seen by the people of the web, enjoyed by those seeking beauty and wonder in photographs for years to come. Modeling By Lena, the website dedicated to a very special model from Russia!

The New Revolution!

WILDCATSEOSERVICE.COM Important Image Policy Update

WILDCATSEOSERVICE.COM Image Policty Change Effective May 03, 2018


Effective May 03, 2018, there will be an important image policy change concerning all images from this point forward posted by WILDCATSEOSERVICE.COM for the express intent and purpose of creating backlinks that point towards specific marketing websites used for commercial purposes in the search engine optimization service industry.

As of late, Flickr.com has chosen to not allow users to direct traffic to marketing websites on the world wide web. This leads to an increased workload for WILDCATSEOSERVICE.COM as there was over 300 images hosted on the third party provider.

This change will bring about needed full utilization of the hosting services already in place for WILDCATSEOSERVICE.COM and WILDCATSEOSERVICE.AVONREPRESENTATIVE.COM The change will mean going through massive amounts of information and images and changing all links that were directed towards Flickr.com hosting, and change them accordingly.

We humbly ask our readers and followers to have patience as we go about the arduous task of finding and changing currently posted information.

Thank you for your ongoing support of our causes and businesses on the world wide web!

The New Revolution!

Money Machine!

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The New Revolution!

Make Money Online-Consistency In Marketing

How to Make Money Online

Consistency Pays Off!

Creating a positive flow of information on the web on a daily basis is mandatory for those wishing to make money online from a home based business entity. The consistent effort of adding great, original, thought provoking, readable and understandable content for the readers on the web to find, and hopefully react to is something that most find a perplexing, and often frustrating issue. To build a viable, long lasting and sustainable make money online business, content will always be the deciding factor on the results that you will have. The originality, the conscientiousness of it, the readability and the interest that others have in reading that content will decide whether success or failure will be had.

Experienced marketers know that benefit and solution marketing are the keys to gaining new customers for their products and services. People do NOT join businesses. People join other people. If you are just pitching a new deal every few weeks, trying to convince, coerce and sell something to someone, you will find that your popularity will dwindle very quickly in being able to make sustainable income from a make money online concern.

Butch Hamilton explains in more detail in the podcast listed below.

The New Revolution!

Do I Have Your Attention?

STOP!  Do I Have Your Attention?

Internet Tales and Tips

Good! Now that I have your attention, I want you to take just a moment, relax, put your feet up, and actually READ this valuable information from me, Butch Hamilton-The Wildcat SEO Master. Why should you listen to me? That is a very good question, and one that I will answer here and now.

Butch Hamilton Background Story

The story about me is this. For a good deal of my life, I was involved in the building, construction, welding and fabrication industry. I have built, repaired, fixed, overhauled and generally been part of the blue collar working force from a very early age. There is nothing that I have not done in construction, but the good news is, I do not do that any longer!

2003 was a turning point in my life. I wanted to be a part of the world wide web;
however, up until that time, I had never sat down in front of a computer! True story about what positive thinking, motivation and a huge amount of perspiration can do for any seeking to make a positive change in their life.

From that point in time, until this, I have been able to write my way to success online. I have been marketing director for several major Internet companies, have conducted search engine optimization for some of the most powerful and esteemed network and MLM marketers in the world, and have established myself as someone real, credible, substantial and NOT only able to talk the talk on the web, but I can walk the walk was well. I have paid my dues, worked hard, been diligent and it paid off.

Butch Hamilton-The Wildcat SEO Master Does NOT Pitch Deals!

I am NOT into MLM or network marketing at all. What I am into is researching, analyzing, experimenting and implementing with systems, strategies, tools, information and knowledge that always gain top positions on the Internet and get noticed by others.

Care to Know One of the Best Internet Marketing Tools I Have Found?

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Butch Hamilton-The Wildcat SEO Master
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The New Revolution!

How to Make Money

How to Make Money

Make Money Online!

The age old adage of “how to make money online!” Worn out? Over used? Worthless? Hardly! Indeed, it is quite possible to make money online using tried and true methods and systems that are designed to assist you each and every step of the way. There can be no doubt that if you are a seasoned veteran online, or if you are just beginning your Internet journey, there are proven techniques, strategies and methods that you must follow in order to succeed. Most who enter the hallowed halls of Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu, Yandex, DuckDuckGo, or more commonly called the world wide web, will never succeed with anything that they strive to accomplish. Why is this? Why the tremendous attrition on the web for people struggling and straining to #make #money #online?

After vast experiences of pain, suffering and overwhelming success online since late 2003, and going through all of the phases of discontent, uncertainty, frustration, anxiety and lack of knowledge, I have seen all of the major MLM and network marketing business models come and go. Watching, observing, taking good notes and becoming quite aware of the ebb and flow of Google, it has been my experience over the years that most fail because of the following reasons.

  1. Lack of Knowledge About the World Wide Web
  2. Websites that Never are Seen on Google
  3. Doing the Same Things that Everyone Else is Doing
  4. Lack of Consistency in Marketing Online
  5. Lack of Persistence and Dogged Determination

It is a fact online that most websites produced will never be seen by anyone. This means one thing. NO TRAFFIC=NO SALES! No matter how good the product, service or worthwhile information that you have access to, if no one sees it, then what are the chances that a sale will be made? NONE! In order to provide the readers on the web who are constantly searching for information on topics of interest, one must move away from their “bait and pitch style of doing business, and actually begin providing good information, relevant information, benefits and solutions and systems that actually do work, in order to gain confidence and presence for the thing that is being promoted. Without this type of action and motivation, the chances of making sales online is practically ZERO!

Moving away from the marketing herd on the net is vital as well. Everyone does the same thing differently. It is called the chaos theory, and it simply is another way of talking about failure. If everyone is jumping off a cliff does that mean that you must follow them? NO! Niche marketing, finding the little known, but highly effective marketing areas online is vital in today’s cut and paste society. Move away from the same old thinking and herding as they are not being successful! Move into new areas of success, knowledge, power and systems that actually work, and become successful for a change!

And Now, the Secret!

#How to #Make #Money!!!

Butch Hamilton-The Wildcat SEO Master!

The New Revolution!

How to Make Money!

Powerful Online Promoting Systems

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Wildcat SEO Service Newsletter

Wildcat SEO Service Newsletter>

Wildcat SEO Service Newsletter

The publishing of a new newsletter for readers concerning all aspects of search engine optimization in 2018. Straight talk, writings, observations, news, views, opinions and facts will be found over time within the timely website Wildcat SEO Service Newsletter.

This newsletter will be published regularly as time allows, and will come with an exclusive spam free system of email delivery whenever new issues are published. Spam free is the way of ,b>Wildcat SEO Service!

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